Take a Look at Cryptologic’s Cubis Online Slot

Take a Look at Cryptologic’s Cubis Online Slot

Cubis from Cryptologic is a three dimensional online slot with 15 paylines.  All of the symbols are stacked up against the inside walls of a cube which has been cut in half.  Cubis can be categorised as a traditional slot combined with a puzzle game. Players can win a maximum of 50 000 coins for each game.

The aim of this game is to create vertical or horizontal lines of 4 or more cubes.  The lines could be just along one side of the cube or they can run 90° along one of the other sides.  There are 7 different colour cubes with payouts ranging from 4000 for the diamond cube to 500 for the yellow cube.  Players can view the payouts for the other colour cubes that are green, blue, purple, red and orange by clicking on the paytable button.  The diamonds will appear less frequently and for 10 of these in a row players are rewarded with 4000 times their bet.

Cubis Bonus Feature

When players click the play button the cubes will disappear and are then replaced by a new set of cubes.  If there are any lines made up of 4 or more cubes they will be highlighted and then disappear and more cubes will come in to replace them.  The new cubes can then create more winning lines.

During the game random symbols will appear and these are the Cubis bonus symbols.  The wild dice multiplier has the ability to substitute for any of the cubes.  When it appears on the reels each side of the dice has a different multiplier and if it is part of a payline win the multiplier will be used.

Line Bomb

The Line Bomb will shoot out balls of fire in all 4 directions and will destroy any of the cubes at a 90° angle.  The cubes that are destroyed by the line bomb will be replaced which allows for more wins.  The bombs will explode when there are no more winning combinations.

Square Bomb

The Square Bomb will destroy all of the 25 cubes and these are then replaced giving more opportunities for wins.  The square bombs will explode when there are no more winning combinations.

Nuclear Bomb

The Nuclear Bomb has the ability to destroy 75 cubes and then the destroyed cubes are replaced by new cubes. The nuclear bombs will explode when there are no more winning combinations on the paylines.

Game Settings

To begin playing Cubis players must first select their paylines by using the up and down arrows on the lines button.  Players can choose between 1 and 15 paylines.  The bet amount can be selected by using the up and down arrows next to the bet button.  To spins the reels players must click the play button.  The bet max button will automatically select the maximum paylines and spin the reels at the current bet.  All of the payline wins will be multiplied by the amount that was bet for each payline and only the highest win is paid on each payline.  All winning combinations will be paid out from left to right and can be more lucrative than the best pokies online casino games

Players who enjoy puzzles and slots will enjoy Cubis as it gives them the best of both.  They also have the chance to win during the bonus features with 3 different exploding symbols.

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