Month: September 2022

The recently released Genie’s Treasure video slot machine is comprised of the relatively standard 5 reels and 20 paylines format. Falling into the extremely broad but innovating Amaya Gaming slots stable, this game has a rich, mystical theme reminiscent of the world of Aladdin and the Magic lamp. Although Middle Eastern game themes are relatively common, this game stands out with well-rendered gaming icons and décor. Even the game soundtrack is highly effective and lends to the atmosphere and theme generally. There are numerous interesting features in Genies Treasures slots game and the benefits that players have to look forward to when they play are Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, free spins and a Bonus game. The top jackpot in Genies Treasures slots base game is 1 500 coins.

Egyptian themes are common in video slots titles, and the five-reel title Cleo Queen of Egypt, from Amaya Gaming, uses some well-worn icons: like the Pyramids, the Eye of Horus and the Jackal God Anubis. However, the Amaya title excels in the jackpot possibilities it offers players. Each of the game’s nine paylines is attached to a specific Crazy Jackpot, all of them of different value and each one increasing progressively. A player must score five Wild symbols on one payline to win the progressive jackpot attached to that payline. The bonus feature is another extra chance to win that Cleo Queen of Egypt offers.

Judge Dredd New is based on the British comic book character of the same name, portraying life in the futuristic American Mega City. He is a street judge, and his duty is to arrest, convict and sentence all the criminals who contaminate the big city. There was a movie made about him, and the slot game portrays the same intimidating character who does not stand any nonsense from anyone. The new slots game of this tough anti-hero took a while to be released and to land up at online casinos.

Believed to have originated from soldiers throwing short arrows at the bottom of a cask or tree trunk, the sport of darts is supposed to have started when the first dartboard was made from this wood. As this wood dried some cracking would develop, which would explain the section design of the modern day dartboard. In due course a conventional set of rules were adopted and a standard board design agreed upon. Nowadays darts is immensely widespread as a bar activity, a league game and an internationally popular competitive sport.

Dragon Slot HTML5, by Amaya, is an online casino game, available to play for free, or for real money. It uses standard slot machine rules, requiring the player to make a bet, and take a spin. The icons will spin, and if stopping in certain sequences, will grant the player winnings. Different combinations will grant bigger or smaller wins, while bonus symbols can grant free spins, massive payouts, and dazzling animations. Note that winning combinations do not have to be directly adjacent to match, and that the player may open these extra winning lines by choosing that betting option. By default, all betting lines are open.