Rules of the Game of Poker

Rules of the Game of Poker

German card players were playing a game called pochen in the 16th century which required bluffing in the same way that the rules of the game of poker do, and it is thought that this is where poker originated, developing into a French game called poque before it started being enjoyed along the Mississippi.

The rules of the game of poker started being refined around the 1830s and got the moniker by which it is so widely known today around this time too. During the period of the Civil War, one of the most important rules about being able to draw additional cards in order to improve a hand was added. The stud poker variation also originated in this period. There are many more of these available today, and, thanks to the internet, first-class games can be enjoyed in the privacy of one’s own home and at a world-class casino at the same time as players take part by means of desktop computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets.

The Playing Cards Used for Poker Games

One of the rules of the game of poker is that a standard pack of cards, 52, is used, along with the one or both jokers, depending on which variation is being played. Poker traditionally uses only one pack for a game, but these days almost all of the games played at land-based casinos will be made use of in order to keep the pace up. While one pack is being used to deal players their cards the other will be shuffled in order to be ready for the deal to follow.

The rules of the game of poker in which two decks of cards are being used are:

  1. While one deck of cards is being dealt to players, the dealer in charge of the preceding game will assemble all of the cards that were used for play.
  2. He or she will then shuffle this pack of cards thoroughly and lay them to his or her left.
  3. When the time comes for the next game to begin, this shuffled deck will be put to use. In these games the player sitting on the dealer’s left will cut the pack of cards, rather than the one on the right-hand-side.

Land-based casinos offering the real money online pokies and poker games that will change these decks of cards on a regular basis, and players are able to call for a brand-new pack at any point as well. When new cards are called for both packs will be replaced, with the seal and the cellophane wrapping on the newly introduced packs being broken in view of the players.

Rules for Online Poker vs. Land-Based Games

The rules of the game of poker do not change when play is undergone by means of the internet, and players who do not have a vast amount of experience with the world of online casinos need not fear that they will thrown in the deep end and be required to master an entirely different set of rules of the game of poker. The only real difference between the play that the World Wide Web provides and that which has been enjoyed up to this point is that a game can be pulled up anywhere, anytime, and for whatever stakes the player wishes to impose.

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