Online Poker Games on Tablet

Online Poker Games on Tablet

Playing Red Dog and Online Poker Games on Tablet

Red Dog is a game of poker that is based more on chance than on skill. Interestingly, although it’s generally termed Red Dog Poker, the game has little to do with the traditional variants and differs in many ways. In recent years, playing online poker games on tablet or other mobile device has become increasingly popular, and Red Dog is one of the favourites.

Red Dog Rules

Generally, Red Dog is played using a single 52 card deck, but when playing real money online pokies on tablet, up to 8 decks can be used at once. The game plays out with only 3 cards at a time and these cards are ranked as they would be in the poker hierarchy. Aces are high cards and twos are low and the suit of the card is never relevant.

The game starts with a bet being placed, and after this two cards are placed face up. At the start of each round there are 3 possibilities; if the first 2 cards dealt are in consecutive order the hand goes to push and your bet will be returned. If the first 2 cards dealt are equal in value, a 3rd card will be dealt, and if that card is also equal, a player receives a payout of 11:1. If the third card is not equal however, the game once again goes to a push and you’ll receive your wager back.

If neither of these instances occur the dealer announces a spread and the game really begins. The spread will determine your potential payout and there are 4 different spreads. When the spread is announced players have the option of doubling their wagers, based only on the 2 face up cards. The player will win if the third card dealt falls between the two dealt cards value and if not, their bet is lost.

If you opt to play online poker games on tablet, you’ll be able to make use of the free play mode before betting real money, giving you a chance to work out the intricacies of the game.

Red Dog Odds

Because of the game play and the rules, only spreads that have 7 or more cards offer a realistic winning expectations. If you want to maximise your chances of winning big, you should only raise your bet and poli poker deposit when there’s a spread of 7 or more cards.

In Red Dog every additional deck added has the effect of decreasing the house edge by a very small amount. A one deck game gives the house an advantage of 3.5% and with 8 decks in play this decreases somewhat to 2.75%.

The biggest payout in Red Dog is 11:1, and the chance of this happening is around 0.5%, or around once every 200 hands played. This makes it one of the more challenging online poker games on tablet, but its also ideal for mobile play as the game plays out fast.

Red Dog Game Strategy

As its essentially a game of chance, Red Dog doesn’t require strategic game play, but you can make use of betting systems or take heed of tips such as always raising your bet when there is a spread of 7 or more, or play games with multiple decks.

When you play Red Dog, or any other online poker games on tablet, you’ll fast find that portable gaming is convenient and easy to access, and that this platform is possibly one of the best for card games as it allows for an incredibly realistic set up.

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