Win Life Changing Sums on Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Games

Win Life Changing Sums on Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Games

Microgaming is, without doubt, one of the big guys. The software provider powering more online casinos than anyone else. Microgaming have more games than most competitors put together. So it stands to reason that when it comes to progressive jackpot games, they are also the biggest. It therefore holds true that one can win life changing sums on Microgaming progressive jackpot games.

Now, the thing about progressive jackpots is that they are probably the most exciting casino games. The very essence of slots play is to win large returns with a small investment. Never is this truer than for progressive jackpot games. Progressive jackpots are accumulative, whenever one of the linked slot machines is played, a certain proportion of the money goes towards this growing jackpot pool. Clearly then, the more people that play the various linked slot machines, the more the jackpot grows. And with Microgaming being the biggest slots provider, obviously this is also where one is most likely to win life changing sums, on Microgaming progressive jackpot games.

Progressive Jackpots and Mega Moolah

Microgaming are more than merely the biggest player in the progressive jackpot market, they actually created the original online progressive game. One of the greatest indicators of their class, and possibly what sets Microgaming apart from most of the other progressive slots games providers is the care end effort they put in to make sure that the underlying slot machine is entertaining in its own right. Jaw-dropping wins seldom happen with the first spin of a machine, and players should be able to spend time on the slot machine and be entertained at the same time.

In observing that players are apt to win life changing sums on Microgaming progressive jackpot games, there is a way for players to make the most of, and possibly validate, this outrageously enticing statement. Microgamings’ most famous progressive jackpot, in fact, the most famous progressive jackpot of all time is Mega Moolah. So influential has Microgamings’ Mega Moolah been to the online casino world, that it has generated whole series of progressive jackpots.

The Money Involved

In terms of life changing sums of money, the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot starts at $1 million. Everyone has heard the anecdotes around the $5.5 million win in 2008, and regularly find reports on the latest winners. This was also the first progressive jackpot to offer tiered jackpots, where players play additional backup jackpots if they miss the main one.

The point here is this; progressive jackpots are where the big money is. In the case of Mega Moolah, 3 different slots, Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis and the Dark Knight, all contribute to the jackpot. The jackpot can also be triggered by any of these machines, and this is a key fact. Most reputable Microgaming online casinos nz have access to these machines, and it is one thing to enjoy a good slot machine, but it is whole new level when you realise that at any given moment while you are playing the machine, you could be the recipient of , on average, $3 million.

This boils down to the fact that it is the most likely place to win life changing sums on Microgaming progressive jackpot games. This includes mobile players, because the Microgaming progressive jackpots are also available on any mobile device.


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