History of the Asian Beach Games

History of the Asian Beach Games

The 2016 Asian Beach Games will be held in Nha Trang, Vietnam. This is actually the second time that a Vietnam city will be hosting an Asian level multi-sports event. Hanoi hosted the first event, which was the Asian Indoor Games back in 2009, as well as the Southeast Asia Games in 2003.

The Asian Beach Games were hosted by Bali in 2008, and the event was won overall by Indonesia. Thailand won the multi-sports event in 2010, when the Asian Beach Games were held in Muscat. China was the host country in 2012, and the games were hosted in Haiyang. China also took home first place in this year. The 2014 games were held in Phuket, and were also won by the host nation, Thailand. The 2016 Games, to be held on Sep 24 – Oct 3, will be held in Nha Trang, Vietnam, and promises to be yet another multi-sports event of very high quality.

Sportsmen and women will compete for the prestigious gold medal at the Asian Beach Games in Nha Trang, Vietnam, as well as silver and bronze medals. Thailand currently sits at the top of the all time gold medal count, with a total of 94 gold medals. China sits in second place with 48 medals, followed closely by Indonesia who has 39 medals.

Nha Trang Asian Beach Games

The Asian Beach Games takes place every two years. It is anticipated that 45 Asian nations will actually participate in the next games to be held in Nha Trang, Vietnam. 2016 will be the fifth edition of the games, and promises some exciting multi-sports action. There are a total of 17 sports on offer, with some of the variety having being mentioned above. Perhaps one of the most interesting or entertaining sports to look out for will be the much anticipated dragon boat racing competition, which is sure to draw many spectators to enjoy the proceedings.

Asian Beach Games Multi-Sports

In terms of the sports that will be offered at the Asian Beach Games in Nha Trang, Vietnam, there is a wide range of choice for all types of sportsmen. Of course there are all of the beach sports, such as beach volleyball, wrestling, soccer, and also handball, to name but a few. These beach games typically draw big crowds, and can be very exciting for spectators and bettors have started to to place bets at various Canadian casinos. The games will offer paragliding, as well as powered paragliding, which adds an interesting extra dimension to this sport. Staying on the water, water skiing will be on offer, and is likely to be closely contested by men and women alike. This is certainly one of the most popular multi-sports events.

Surfing will be contested, as well as Sailing, and even beach water polo. Some of the land based sports include bodybuilding, tent pegging, squash, and even sport climbing. As you might notice from going through this list of sports that will be contested, there is a wide range on offer for all types of sports men and women. Spectators will certainly be in for a treat, and can really choose the type of sport that they are most interested in.

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